Financial Management Services (FMS)

ABLE's newest service is Financial Management Services (FMS). This is a service that is provided for clients who need to pay for their CVRC authorized transportation and respite services. With this service, clients can choose ABLE to pay for transportation or respite services on their behalf. ABLE will then collect the monthly approved invoices from transit and respite providers and issue monthly payments to the vendor/service provider.

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What's Going On At Able Industries?

Podcast Interview with In Touch Media Group

Able Industries' Executive Director, Wende Ayers, was interviewed by In Touch Media Group. For an informative glimpse into Able Industries, listen to this 30 minute podcast by clicking the link below.


We've Officially Changed Our Name

We have officially changed our legal name from "Tulare County Training Center for the Handicapped, Inc. dba ABLE Industries" to "Able Industries, Inc."

Tooth Powder

Tooth Powder is back in stock.

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