Personal Shaving Items

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Product CodeDescriptionCase Count
RAZ1 Single Edge Disposable Razor, Orange Handle 1000
RAZ1C Clear Single Blade Disposable Razor 1000
RAZ2 Twin-Blade Disposable Razor, Blue Handle 1000
RAZ3 Triple Blade Disposable Razor 500
MINIRAZAM Mini Razor, Clear 1000
RAZNOSHANK No Shank Mini Razor, Clear 1000
RAZSEC Security Razor 500
SR1801 Security Razor, Clear Head 2000
Shaving Cream
PKSC 0.25 oz Brushless Shave Cream, Packet 1000
BSC6 0.6 oz Brushless Shave Cream, Tube 720
BSC85 0.85 oz Brushless Shave Cream, Tube 720
BSC3 3 oz Brushless Shave Cream, Tube 144
FSG4 4 oz Shave Gel, Clear Bottle 60
ASC15 1.5 oz Shave Cream, Aerosol Can 144
ASC11 11 oz Shave Cream, Aerosol Can 12
SSB2 2 oz Shampoo/Shave Gel/ Body Wash, Clear Tube 96
SSB4 4 oz Shampoo/Shave Gel/Body Wash, Clear Tube 60
Alcohol-Free After Shave
FAS2 2 oz After Shave, Alcohol Free, Clear Bottle 96
FAS4 4 oz After Shave, Alcohol Free, Clear Bottle 60

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Tooth Powder

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