Shampoo & Conditioner

shampoo-conditionerMany different types of hair care products are available. From industrial sizes to special ethnic products, we can find that special product to meet your needs.

Reduced pricing is available when buying in quantities. Please contact us for more information (559) 651-8150 Fax (559) 802-1320
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Product CodeDescriptionCase Count
PKS 0.34 oz Shampoo & Body Bath, Packets 1000
FS2 2 oz Shampoo & Body Bath, Clear Bottle 96
FS4 4 oz Shampoo & Body Bath, Clear Bottle 60
FS8 8 oz Shampoo & Body Bath, Clear Bottle 36
FS16 16 oz Shampoo & Body Bath, Clear Bottle 12
FS128 1 Gallon, Shampoo & Body Bath 4
MSDAN 11 oz Dandruff Shampoo 12
FCS4 4 oz Conditioning Shampoo 60
SC5056 15 oz Lander Shampoo w/ Conditioner 12
FC2 2 oz Hair Conditioner 96
FC4 4 oz Hair Conditioner 60
HC8 8 oz Hair Conditioner 48

SAFETY TIP: Consider purchasing products in clear bottles and tubes that provide extra security for officers. Eliminate one more location for contra-band.

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Podcast Interview with In Touch Media Group

Able Industries' former Executive Director, Wende Ayers, was interviewed by In Touch Media Group. For an informative glimpse into Able Industries, listen to this 30 minute podcast by clicking the link below.


We've Officially Changed Our Name

We have officially changed our legal name from "Tulare County Training Center for the Handicapped, Inc. dba ABLE Industries" to "Able Industries, Inc."

Tooth Powder

Tooth Powder is back in stock.

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