soapFreshscent Soap - Individually wrapped or unwrapped bars, all contain the active ingredient triclosan to help fight bacteria and odor, even our newest clear bars. Each reduces levels of bacteria significantly with a special anti-bacterial formula.

Reduced pricing is available when buying in quantities. Please contact us for more information (559) 651-8150 Fax (559) 802-1320 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Product CodeDescriptionCase Count
Wrapped Anti-bacterial Soap
S12 #1/2 Bar Soap, Individually Wrapped 1000
S34 #3/4 Bar Soap, Individually Wrapped 1000
S1 #1 Bar Soap, Individually Wrapped 500
S15 #1.5 Bar Soap, Individually Wrapped 500
S3 3 oz Bar Soap, Individually Wrapped 72
Unwrapped Anti-Bacterial Soap
US12 #1/2 Bar Soap, Unwrapped 500
US15 #1.5 Bar Soap, Unwrapped 1000
US3 3 oz Bar Soap, Unwrapped 144
Clear Soap
S15C #1.5 Bar Soap, Clear, Individually Wrapped 500
S3C 3 oz Bar Soap, Clear, Individually Wrapped 144
Hand Sanitizer and Soap Box
SD3 Soap Box, Hinged, Clear 100
HS4 4 oz Hand Sanitizer (Contains Alcohol) 60

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