Individual Placement

individual-placementIndividual Placement is for consumers who:

  • Have already developed good work skills
  • Have a successful work history, primarily entry level jobs in many different types of businesses including grocery stores, restaurants, offices, coffee shops, and other small to large businesses
  • Consumers are hired directly by an employer
  • Wages are the same as other employees in similar positions
  • Consumers are supervised by the employer
  • Frequent Job Coaching support for the first 90 days
  • On-going Job Coaching support for as long as the person remains employed
  • Case management services are available as needed
  • Usually requires independence in transportation
  • May require working on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays
  • May require working morning, evening or night hours


  • Client/Employee Pre-Screening
  • Job Development
  • Job Matching
  • Job Coaching
  • On-the-Job-Training (OJT)
  • Job Skills Training in an Integrated setting
  • Ongoing Assessment
  • Follow-Along

Assisting people with disabilities to find employment is in many ways not much different than working with any other customer. The biggest difference for people with disabilities is that they may need some support and assistance as they go through a job search, and that some of the steps are somewhat more intensive and deliberate. There also may be some considerations that must be addressed as a result of their disability, such as disclosure of disability to employers. Many of the techniques used to assist people with disabilities are also effective with other individuals who are considered to have "barriers" to employment.

What's Going On At Able Industries?

Podcast Interview with In Touch Media Group

Able Industries' Executive Director, Wende Ayers, was interviewed by In Touch Media Group. For an informative glimpse into Able Industries, listen to this 30 minute podcast by clicking the link below.


We've Officially Changed Our Name

We have officially changed our legal name from "Tulare County Training Center for the Handicapped, Inc. dba ABLE Industries" to "Able Industries, Inc."

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