Supported Employment (SE)

supported-employment-seA service that provides long-term, ongoing vocational rehabilitation training support services for an individual with developmental disabilities. This group provides consumers with an on-site supervised work environment in a community employment setting. Consumers are paid for work performed in accordance with State and Federal law.

Service Requirements and Limitations

Supported Employment is provided in integrated community work settings.

Integrated setting means a setting typically found in the community in which an individual with disabilities interacts with non-disabled individuals, other than nondisabled individuals who are providing services to that individual, to the same extent that non-disabled individuals in comparable positions interact with other persons.

ABLE services promote community integration with other members of the workforce and provide paid work. Such settings may include: a community business; Qualified Vendor owned/rented facilities that are used primarily to serve the public and employ consumers (e.g., retail stores, restaurants, etc.) and/or more workers without disabilities exclusive of support staff; and mobile work crews (e.g., landscaping, manufacturing, janitorial work, etc.) when the consumers are employed according to the norm for that industry.

Support is usually provided by a job coach who meets regularly with the individual on the job to help him or her learn the necessary skills and behaviors to work independently. As the individual gains mastery of the job, the support services are gradually phased out.

The Department of Rehabilitation (DR) and Central Valley Regional Center (CVRC) is the main SE service provider for adults with developmental disabilities. If you are interested in applying for SE services you should ask your CVRC representative for help or you can apply directly to the local DR office in your community. The nearest DR office location and telephone number is listed in the State Government section of your telephone directory.

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